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Pulled from AULART's "Understanding Amplitude and Filter Envelopes".

Synth ENV or Contour controls set the amount of envelope applied to the cutoff frequency.

With more than one envelope on a synth their combined effects will have unpredictable results.

Key Plugins

Additional Plugins


Basic Steps:

  1. Highlight Playlist track to automate (Not required for Mixer automation).
  2. Right-click control to automate and select Create automation clip.
  3. Best practice: Name, color, and group the clip for organization.

Advanced Steps:

  1. Double-click an automation clip from the Playlist sidebar.
  2. Enable LFO.
  3. Twist knobs and have fun.

Copy State:

  1. Create target automation clip.
  2. Double-click the source automation clip.
  3. Click the Wrench and select Copy state.
  4. Double-click the target automation clip.
  5. Click the Wrench and select Paste state.

Delete Clips:

  1. In Channel Rack Automation folder, delete target clip.
  2. In Browser: Current Project → Patterns → Initialized controls → select and delete.


Track Freezing

To "pre-compose" tracks or sections of tracks:

Render as Audio Clip

  1. Right-click pattern from Playlist picker.
  2. Render and replace

Render to Wave File

  1. Create a new track on the Playlist below the track to be frozen.
  2. Select portion of Playlist containing portion to be frozen.
  3. Solo the track containing the portion to be frozen.
  4. Arm disk recording on Mixer track(s) containing sends and effects for selected track.
  5. In Mixer: Options → Disk recording → enable all → Render to wave file(s)... Alt+R

Use the Mute tool in the Playlist to keep the original MIDI or sample selection in the project.

This process reduces CPU usage at the cost of more RAM usage.



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