#SOCNET : Dark Acre
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Category: #SOCNET

Dark Acre Year Two Report

In which Jack recounts Year Two.


In which Jack instates a 4-day work-week, switches to broadcast mode, and spills the beans on the #GAMEPLAN.

Full Disclosure

In which Jack just wants to be Friends.

Holiday Special

In which Jack recalls bitter-er times, is embittered by the soc-nets, and entreats you for Ludum Dare 48 “Theme” gold.

Winner Is You!

In which Jack profusely thanks and then apologizes for not Liking you.

Dark Acre Week 48 Report

In which Jack give a long-winded account of death and destruction, another rant on soc-nets, and Kickstarter success stories.

Dark Acre Week 38 Report

In which Jack talks about shadows and Circles.

Dark Acre Week 37 Report

In which Jack properly resurfaces after 21 days of silence, restructures his social network, and talks about the life and times of a capsuleer.

Support the Things You Love

In which Jack entreats you to join his social network and help him help you get known.

Dark Acre Week 20 Report

In which Jack lands with a bump, gets knocked out cold, and wakes up in the pages of the UK Guardian.

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