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Category: #PROCESS

Day 1,681

Dailies To Do Review & edit comic book proposal. Open, review, & add to Unreal Invaders. Test vertex weighting script (3ds Max). Make progress on humanoid rig. tl;dr Started making headway, blew most of the productive hours playing a videogame. Verbose Awake again at 0410, no desire to open GTA V as the story mode […]

Day 1,680

Dailies To Do Draw. Open, review, & add to Unreal Invaders. Test vertex weighting script (3ds Max) Make progress on humanoid rig. tl;dr Ran, wrote, drew. Watched TV. Verbose Awake at 0410, at the machine by 0420, in GTA V a few minutes later. I have a problem. GTA V was bugging out, divine providence? […]

Day 1,679

Obstacles & Detours There’s a saying, you may have read or heard it: “The only limit is you“. The more time I spend on monitoring my behavior and habits, the truer and truer this rings. Once I realized that there was nothing physical standing in my way, preventing me from fulfilling my dreams, I started […]

Day 1,678

Of Mice & Lists Motivation and inspiration are easily confused, but not interchangeable. In the past I’ve used one when I meant the other, and that’s led to some irritation. I think it’s fair to say that most creatives are always inspired, if we take that to mean that there’s a pre-existing desire to create […]

Day 1,677

Dailies tl;dr Words, colors, GTA V. No gamedev. Verbose Woke at 0500 despite crashing at 2230. Need to rekindle the desire to wake at 0400 somehow. Coffee, fed the cat, a couple of hours of GTA V. 40% through completing the campaign, gonna be sad when it’s done (again). Still need to finish the Pins, […]

Day 1,676

Dailies tl;dr Lazy Sunday, Pins, improved lines, GTA, & some musketeers. Verbose Asleep last night at 0130. This is normal for a Saturday night/Sunday morning, as there’s never been any hard scheduled obligation for Sundays. Woke at 0520, even though I could’ve slept in. A couple of hours in the GTA V campaign to start […]

Day 1,675

Dailies tl;dr GTA Online, mostly. Writing & 1AD done. Verbose Crashed close to midnight for the 1st time in months, woke up just after 0500 as a result. A sunrise run meant leaving home less than an hour later, so just tooled around in GTA V for a bit. Had an excellent run, decided to […]

Day 1,674

Dailies tl;dr Did the dailies, updated some plug-ins, ended up with a half-day. Verbose Woke up at 0510. I neglected to mention it yesterday, but I was asleep by 2230. I guess my body needed a bit of extra rest; learning to listen to & accept that was the hardest part of my adopting my […]


Monthly Breakdown Game Development: ongoing Unreal Engine study with a focus on Darkade #1 “Unreal Edition Invaders”. Writing: Re-formatting & ret-conning existing works for re-release. Data entry into articy:draft 2 for continuity & visualization. First-drafting an “interlude” novel for the core Solarus series, currently 10K+ words. Misc: Web development for new Dark Acre storefront page. […]

Day 1,673

Preamble Strange to think that, had I done this every day since founding this lunacy, I’d have 1,672 of these littering the website; a trail of dried and drying blood droplets marking the long trek toward solvency as an independent creative developer (I don’t mind the term “indie”; it’s amorphous enough to fit my circumstances, […]

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