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Category: #PROCESS

Month 49 Report

The first major project update, a pipeline breakdown, some words on ego, and writing.

Dark Acre Year Three Report

In which Jack tells you how much nothing he got done over the last 365 days.

Month 47 Report

In which Jack recounts the journey of The Child thus far.


In which Jack puts in a little work pushing verts around.

Month 43 Report

In an attempt to break the long creative drought I’ve built a “one-a-day” website focused on putting words to paper. It’s a writing journal of sorts, a forced-march repository that requires something, anything, to be published on a daily basis. The work there is more often than not first draft, raw, unedited garbage straight from […]

Month 42 Report

I’ve lost a true love. More accurately: I let a true love slip away through gross negligence. It’s remarkable how much of an adverse effect this can have on productivity. Though I doubt she will ever read this: I’m sorry. It’s all I have left to say. Let’s see if we can’t turn this grief […]

Month 37 Report

In which Jack drops a few lines on pre-sales & talk radio.

Dark Acre Year Two Report

In which Jack recounts Year Two.

Refn on “The Pitch”

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Entertainment Industry Survival List


In which Jack talks systems of Ludum Dare 48 evaluation.

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