Two Birds, One Stone

by Jack



That’s 8 in the can. 8 times I’ve answered the call, 8 times I’ve delivered a working videogame in under 48 hours.

This is the first time I’ve finaled with time to spare. The game proper was done roughly 3 hours before the deadline, then another 2 hours spent on spit-polishing before submitting.

Play PRISMA, if you wish. Rate it, if you’re in the compo, & if you want a priority rating back leave a comment. Even just a “nice effort” would suffice.

The official project page is sparse this time, for reasons explained therein. I’ll paste this out from it as it neatly summarizes:

To me the Ludum Dare 48 compo has always been a sort of mid-term exam in a never-ending course on game development. It was one of the first public jam events I participated in when I first went independent back in September of ’10, & now with 8 in a row under my belt there’s a lot of positive retrospection to be had.

LD48 no.19 was nothing but sweat & stress. LD48 no.26 was a calm & considered process that left room for polish & testing. The improvement is palpable, & with each passing one—in addition to the terrifying amount of entries indicating the depressing growing number of developers out there—I find myself wondering why I haven’t buckled down & started to make real money with this craft.

So that’s that, then. I’ve further submitted this as this month’s entry for the #1GAM, ensuring that I have something for the first third of the year.

Thanks for reading & if you participated in the Ludum Dare 48 I hope you succeeded & didn’t bitch about the theme.

Because no one likes a bitch.

Why would I want to enable my competition?