Preparing for Murder

by the Trader

Day 5: Hungry for Action

Unsurpisingly, Unachi wants me to scan down a radar site and hack it. I shake the cobwebs out and get right on it.

As I head in to the Vacuum, it occurs to me that I’m piloting a missle boat. While this may have been something of a monetary mistake, it might turn to my advantage. I believe an agent at the School is there offering combat training missions. I might as well run her courses to recoup the costs I’ve incurred through my mistakes.

Rulie calls me up and tells me that the information hacked out of radars is valuable to inventors. Another option for generating revenue is fine with me. I engage the codebreaker and break the codes like a boss, then it’s back to school.

It’s easy money as usual, but I can’t help but wonder if my time would be better spent doing more dangerous things for larger sums. The combat training starts to look ever more attractive.

As seems the usual with these agency training courses, they promise me a ship for completing their circuit. I go out and scan down some gas clouds, they give me a Heron. Not the most useful ship in space, but better than nothing. I just wish I could have accepted this job alongside the last one, kill two birds with one stone and all that.

The ladar site was slightly harder to scan down than the previous, but some careful tweaking of the probes and I nailed it down near Akiainavas VIII.

No complex hacking or surveying this time, just pop the can and grab the proof that I’d been here. Back to the School to a new ship and new agent.

Unachi’s the picture of cold professionalism. She curtly advises me to seek additional training before leaving the School, like she’s reading my mind. I wink and she scowls, and that’s the last I ever see of her.

I inspect the Heron. It would do the trick if I wanted to be a scan-slave, but I’m not convinced that’s the career path for me. I pack it up and head off to the Market to arm the Seeker in preparation for some combat-based training.

I remember the missile blueprints that Pusamon gave me, and make the decision to produce a run, then load the Seeker with them. It seems the most economical decision.

Rather than pick up the materials locally I decide to take the extra time to jump locally for lower prices. First stop is Airkio IX, where the Hyasyoda Corporation Mineral Reserve has pyerite on offer for a paltry 4 kredits per. I place an order while in flight.

I arrive and make the transfer. The station’s air is lousy with mineral dust, but that comes as no surprise. As I’m signing the manifest I inquire about tritanium, and it turns out they’ve got a decent price on that as well. I complete the materials acquisition and set up a production run in an in-system Sukuuvestaa Corporation manufactory.

3 hours to fill the order for the Thorn rockets. I use the time to find some cheap launchers. I’m also going to need the know-how to operate them, so I grab the skill book from back at Akianivas. I probably should have thought of that before I left, but I’ve never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the box.

Basic launcher skill is basic, I inject it and start learning. I expect it’ll be part of my knowledge base before I pick up the launchers themselves, three jumps away at Todaki VI.

Much to my surprise there’s an Ibis registered to me sitting docked at the school. I promptly trash the useless thing. I wonder how many other assets I’ve forgotten about? According to my personal terminal that was the only one on record.

I fit the four launchers to the Seeker and head back to the manufactory. A bit of down time ahead, will grab a small meal and perhaps cruise the Airkio system to unwind while the missiles finish their run.

It amuses me to no end that I’m building bombs in a food processing plant.

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