Enter the Godsoar

by the Trader

Day 3, Continued

I get bored of the news pretty quick. It doesn’t do for a trader to sit on his ass in a station when there’s profit to be made.

Now that I’m in possession of the skills necessary to pilot my first real hauler I fit her with the extra cargo space I’d been given by Pusamon and slap on whatever other scraps I’d stripped from the Bantam.

I even give her a name. The Godsoar. I then insure her for the full amount, after all I was planning on putting in work and it wouldn’t do to lose a hauler this early.

Now all I have to do is find some decent-paying work.

I’m fixing to finally depart the School for good when I overhear a woman discussing the merits of exploration. Though I’m primarily interested in the markets, I stop and listen to what she has to say. Besides, she’s kind of cute.

Unachi Arikola claims to have heard of me through Pusamon, so that smooths my introduction. Apparently the first training run is a simple computer test, a perfect shakedown cruise for the Godsoar. I undock.

I set up the scanner and hit analyze, and within seconds it reports the location of several nearby anomalies. I set course and warp, and the first thing I notice about the new ship is that she both turns and accelerates like a pig. It’s still a nice feeling, pushing all of that weight through space, and I can’t wait until I have a cargo hold full of valuable goods to move.

I need to report back to Unachi with proof that I’ve discovered and visited the anomaly. Fortunately they’ve set up cargo containers with data chits for just that purpose. I grab one and head back.

Easy money, and as I’d expected a fine first flight for the Godsoar. I hand in my chit and Unachi and I discuss the finer points of Astrometics over a bottle of wine. It’s nice, but I feel like I’m becoming a bit too comfortable on this station. I’ll stick around a while longer, though.

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